We are Prepaid Solution. The number one distribution company in the prepaid services' industry.

We operate as a direct U.S.A. retail distribution channel for prepaid phone cards, global calling services, mobile top-up, and payment-related products.

Prepaid Solution began in 2002 in Boston, MA, our primary distribution areas include, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Since then, our company has grown to be the number one distribution company in the prepaid services industry, with more that 10,000 point of distribution and 100 brand partners.

Many features of Prepaid Solutions distribution system are tailored to meet the unique characteristics of our industry. But the biggest reason for Prepaid Solutions success has been our system of distribution and product support and the close customer relationships it fosters.

We strive to maintain and continually educate a knowledgeable staff, in which to further the sales of the high quality, premium brands that we represent.

Our Partners

The big corporations leaders in the industry trust on us

It’s our commitment to keep innovating to serve customers with new and valuable products and services.
Are your customers bringing questions like this to your place?

1Can I recharge other mobile phones around the world?
They can recharge friends' and families' mobile phones around the world. Customers pay in cash at retailer location here in the US and the phone abroad gets topped up instantly.
2How can easy receive calls from a specific country?
With CALL ME you can get a local number in your home country that is forwarded to your phone number here in the US. Now your family and friends can call you for a local call rate!
3Is it possible to pay all my bills in one place?
Bill Payment is a fast and convenient way to pay all your bills on time and in cash at any participating retailer near you. Pay for Power, Water, Phone, Gas, Credit, Cable. Etc.
4Can I send money to another person?
Send money instantly to your Family & Friends to anywhere in the world. It’s Reliable, Affordable and Convenient!